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Braxton Craven staff members work hard to keep parents informed about what is going on at school.  In addition to our school website and recorded phone call system, we use two other digital tools to keep the information flowing toward home.

One of these tools is our BCS eNews.  This digital newsletter is published weekly to keep parents and community informed about what is going on at school with academics and other events. Our second tool is PeachJar eFlyers which we use to send home special notices and other important information. Both of these tools allow us to send to you information which in the past would have been sent in students book bags as copied handouts. This digital delivery method allows us to get you the information more quickly and reliably, and at the same time do our part for the environment by reducing the number of paper copies we make.

The eNews and eFlyers can be sent to you automatically through email each time they are published if you sign up at the links below. They are accessible on a computer, tablet, or even a Smart Phone.  For those parents who don't use email regularly, newsletters and flyers can be accessed on our website by clicking the links below. We realize though that not everyone has access to the internet all the time. So, parents are welcome to stop by the main office any time to request a printout of the current week's eNews and/or flyers.



Special Note: While we want to keep you as informed as possible, the school newsletter and calendar may only show school wide events. For details about team and class specific events, please refer to communication from your child's teacher.  You are always welcome to phone, email, or write a note to a faculty or staff member to discuss any questions you might have. We love to meet in person as well, please just call ahead to make sure we are available before you come.